GETO’s System Formwork Malaysia: Enhancing Construction Efficiency and Durability

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GETO's System Formwork Malaysia Enhancing Construction Efficiency and Durability

GETO, a leading construction technology company, presents its innovative system formwork malaysia. This comprehensive solution combines tie-rods, walers, aluminum formwork, and steel accessories to create a highly efficient and durable construction system. With a focus on strength, durability, and stability, GETO’s system formwork malaysia is engineered to streamline construction processes while ensuring the highest quality standards.

Materials for Wall and Column Formwork Using Tie-Rod System

The tie-rod system forms the foundation of the system formwork malaysia. It comprises tie-rods, aluminum alloy wall panels, walers, hexagonal nuts, gaskets, waler brackets, and tie-rod raking shores. By integrating these materials, GETO ensures the structural integrity and longevity of the construction system.

Key Features of the Tie-Rod System

The tie-rod reinforcement system consists of tension tie-rods, walers, and raking shores. These components work together to strengthen and stabilize the overall wall body, guaranteeing long-term stability. After dismantling the tie-rod formwork system, special waterproofing measures are necessary to address the tie-rod holes left in the wall body.

GETO’s system formwork malaysia extends its application scope to encompass typical floors, similar house types, apartments, office towers, terrace houses, and hotels. With its emphasis on efficiency, durability, and robustness, this groundbreaking solution offers construction companies a cost-effective and reliable method for achieving superior results. Incorporating GETO’s system formwork malaysia into your projects will ensure optimal construction practices and elevate the industry standards. Experience the power of innovation with GETO and change your construction endeavors.

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